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Our launch product is Reagent v1.0. This is a Microsoft Access/VBA application that allows the user to extract data from a VT Transaction+ file, and load it either to another Microsoft Access database or to SQL Server. Production licences for Reagent v1.0 fall into two categories:

i)  machine licence (licenced to specific PC hardware)
ii) remote desktop licence (licenced to Windows user name on RDP server)

Both licence types are priced at (ex-vat) £99 for 1 year, £175 for 2 years. Demo and beta licences (for beta partners using pre-release versions) are also available.

The product requires either the full 32-bit version of Microsoft Access (version 2010 upwards), or the equivalent (free) runtime - the runtime can be downloaded from the links below:

Access 2010 runtime
Access 2013 runtime
Access 2016 runtime

(NB - 64-bit Access is not supported)

The software needs to be run from a trusted location. Further information and utilities to set up a trusted location can be download from Gunter Avenius' site.

The application itself and supporting files will shortly be available from Reagent v1.0. Read readme.rtf first of all.

To get a 14-day demo licence and for support, please email On-site support can be provided if required.